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Friday 20 January 2012


Been very busy lately back at uni. I've made my website more joined to this blog, so hopefully it will be easier to navigate.
This week i've printed out and hand bound 10 copies of my short comic Numb. Except this time it's in french! So it's now called Engourdi, and it's been kindly translated by my housemates mum.
This is all part of the many preparations for my week in France next week where i will be attending the annual International Comic Festival in Angoulême.
Very excited.
I'm going to be on my universities stand there and i will be selling both my wordless Narrative Terry and Engourdi. Along with lots of prints, screen prints, postcards and badges.
Really hoping my poor C grade GSCE French won't embarrass me too much!

 Tee x

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