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Sunday 21 June 2015

ELCAF 2015

Today I went to ELCAF, NoBrow's comic event, in Hackney with my small press Opposite the Alley. It was a good but long day with a 5am start. With lots of lovely new riso prints to debut!

Thursday 18 June 2015


Been testing out the new yellow riso drum this week!

Thursday 17 October 2013

Working Autumn

So the Cheltenham Literature Festival Small press fair was a success. Surrounded by the Illustration awards it was a great place to be.

Andrew Morrison's Techne 2 was also launched that weekend. Here is my 3 colour screen print 'NOT QUITE' that was part of the lovely all handmade, letterpresses, risographed, screen printed book.

I also want to mention a new venture into book making i am taking with Iselle Maddocks.
Opposite the Alley. We are making our first book this month to be launched next month. It's a red and black Risographed book called 'FIRST'. And it's all very exciting with some wonderful people in it.

More to come on it later. But for now, here are our riso posters combining both our illustration work.
We were very pleased with the outcome and can't wait to do get started on the book now.

Thanks for reading!

Monday 12 November 2012

4AM: In Print

My 100 page comic is finally done and for sale online after it's launch at MCM EXPO Comic Con a few weeks ago.
Starting as my final project at university it took my 9 months to finally finish.

A tribute to ink with 100 full colour, inky coloured pages. There is also a narrative to follow if you wish centred mainly about change and growth. Told with 6 characters; The story starts at 4AM.

Perfect bound
100 pages (including end papers and cover)
Full colour

You can buy in my shop HERE

I'm off to Leeds this weekend for Thought Bubble: Leeds's annual sequencial art festival. Where i will have 4AM for sale there too along with other prints and comics on my collective's stand: The Whatnot Tree. 
Be sure to also grab yourself a copy of the new issue of Ink & Paper too. It really looks to be a great read form the sneak peaks. It also has the added bonus of a short 4 page comic from me! ahah
Come and say hi if you're going!

Thanks for your support 

Monday 22 October 2012


4AM was set off to the printers for this morning. It's finally happening!
A project 9 months in the making (and actually my final university project as well) is well and truly a labour of love. I'm really glad i've sen it through to the end after all the problems it hit along the way.

I've worked hard these last few days to get it ready for print (my least favourite bit) and sent it off yesterday or neat and tidy. A thing that was hard to visualise a few weeks ago!
It all sort of just ended. After working on something for so long and being so used to having a seemingly endless list of things to draw still, it was very odd when i realised last wednesday that i had drawn everything needed.
I'm picking it up from the printers on Thursday. Hopefully nothing goes wrong because i'm off to london and MCM EXPO on the friday with it!

Thanks so much for your support and reading x

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Getting Things Finished.


These last few weeks i have been working hard and playing hard too. Finally things are starting to come together. I finished and my 4 page comic for this November's Ink and Paper's third issue coming out at Thought Bubble this year. I really can't wait to see that printed and pick up a copy!
Below is the very first pannel from it!

I've also been working frantically on my 100 page comic, 4AM. I am very excited to say that it's well and truly hurling towards completion! It really has taken so much longer than i expected and has been such a challenge in so many ways. I'm not over the hill yet though. I still have all the fun of getting it ready for print. I'm sure anyone who's ever had to sort out something for print knows of my trepidation!

I realised the over day though that by the time it's printed it will have been 9 months in the making. So it really is like my art baby haha.

 Another thing i can't wait to see printed! Hopefully it will go smoothly and be ready and waiting at MCM EXPO in London at the end of this month!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you are planning to go to EXPO it'll be nice to talk to people!


Tuesday 28 August 2012

Ink and Paper!


Life is somewhat calming and getting back to normal this week. We finally have sorted out internet for our house after over a month of sitting in coffee shops and pubs with my mac. So i'm back on the web properly now!
The last few days i've been working on my submission for the new Ink and Paper. It's coming along well i think. I'm excited to see it in november! Here is a sneak preview of one of the 4 pages to my piece. It's about different people's perception on situations. Based on a short looping story plan i storyboarded roughly last year. I have yet had the chance to do something with it, so it's nice to finally have a place for it.

Below is a flyer for the exhibition in Israel that my piece 'Hidden' is in. It's starting in September! It's really exciting to see the flyers, it's a shame i won't be able to see the actual show.
The flyers are all in hebrew apart from our names, who are me, Catell Ronca and Agata Duda which i find quite amusing.

The image to the right is from 4AM. I have to get a move on with it's completion! I need to get it printed in time for the end of October. When i will be launching it at MCM EXPO in london with any luck! 
So just a short update!
Have a good week guys,

Emma x

Monday 30 July 2012

I'm Alive!


I'm so sorry for such a lapse in blog updates of late. Time has flown by in a gust of graduating from university, moving out, moving back home, moving back out again, exhibitions, job seeking, house decorating, mud covered festivals and turning 22.
I'm hoping it's all beginning to settle back down again soon so life can return to normal and i can get more work done!
Our new house has two spare rooms, one of which we put a tent up in (gonna make it like Richie's tent in The Royal Tenenbaums!). The other we are using as a studio. Which is going to be great! I'm going to have a place to go and work like the studio at university was. I think like minded people can appreciate the need for a change of scene when working and one that's not a foot away from where you crash every night too....

Since my last post lots has happened. Some of which was an exhibition my friends organised in our town. It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

We made some good contacts and sold some work. So i count it as a success!

Role on 'Departure lounge: 5 Years Later' hahah

I've also been doing commissions and i've also got some exciting things lined up for this November in time for Thought Bubble 2012. I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into work on them in my new studio space!

My lovely lingering comic project, 4AM. Has, hopefully understandably, trailed off of late. I'm also really looking forward to getting that wrapped up and printed! I'm so sorry to anyone who has been expecting out by now. I'm reminded of 'It's a Wonderful Life'. Life has well and truly been getting in the way. The sequence below is from it. It's one of the many pages on line art i've got to do the colour layer for...
(the image at the top of this post is one of the also many colour adjusted and finished pages from it. So i'm getting there!)

Anyway, hope i've somewhat explained my absence. 
(There you go Tabi :) I've updated!)

I'm back to work!

Cheers for reading!
Hope you have a lovely week :)


Thursday 14 June 2012

Busy Busy.

Just a quick post as an update.
So 4AM pages are rolling on in between commissions and such like. It's hard to find time to do everything! (The above image is another finished spread for it...spoilers?!)

I posted my previously mentioned painting 'Hidden' off all nicely framed to Israel on tuesday. It was exciting and scary. I've never sent something so far away before.

Look how far it's going! Google maps makes the world seem so vast yet  so small at the same time...

In case anyone wanted to know, i have a short paragraph explaining the piece. Which is something i never normally get to do. My brilliant friend helped me write it (she's amazing at getting the point across with words...i'm too stuck into my visual language i think!)

'Every person has an appearance they assume and an identity they keep secret, like bright birds fighting to escape. The girl is moving into a world where she isn’t sure who she is, or how she ought to behave. She doesn’t know how big the difference is between how her true self acts and how she is expected to behave in terms of her place in society and thus don a facade.
Inspired by the conflict between how we see ourselves and the demands of society. An idea personal to me especially at this time as i graduate from university and move into the working world.'

In other news!

I will be in Shoreditch, London this coming sunday selling my art stuffs on Pittville Press's Stand at ELCAF.
It's hosted by NoBrow, it's the first ever one and i'm really looking forward to it! It sounds like it's going to be amazing. If you can, do come along and enjoy it with me.

Anyway, that's all folks! Have a good rest of the week and thanks for reading!
Tee x

Friday 1 June 2012

June is Here!

So the month of june is here. Its the month where i want to get my comic, 4AM finished and printed...maybe. Which is scary since a few weeks ago i did a revised version of the pages left to do and a proper count up of the book and it came to exactly 100 pages. Which would be neat if it wasn't so daunting! It's 50 double spreads including all the end papers and title pages. I have been saying 40 all this time!
But it's going...okay....just can't wait for it to be done. Will be such an achievement!

Anyway, last week saw the final year show at my uni. The private view was on the friday and it was a really great night! I took some pictures during the week of the illustration exhibition. I think it looks really good considering it's our first year in this space. Our tutors worked really hard to get what is actually our desk covered studio space looking like this. I painted some of the boards and helped hang some things! but yeah...
The picture on the left below is my space :)

At the moment i'm looking into printing and framing for the painting below. It's for an exhibition happening in Israel (yeah exciting!) that me, 2 other students and my tutor (who got us into it) are taking part in with the theme 'Regular'. I'll write a bit more about it next time, but this is my entry entitled 'Hidden'.
June is also the month in which at the end of it i have to be out of my uni house. I'm going to miss 71, it's been a mad adventure with some classic moments :) This is a picture of our coffee table that i had to take. The sight made me laugh a lot as i was greeted by it in the morning. I think it sums our house up quite well...

Lots of doodling of characters has taken place lately. I want to tell more stories with them.

 I also saw the new Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom on wednesday. I really enjoyed it and want to see it again! So pretty and lovely. I love his characters.

Both my laptop and external monitor have pictures i took of the sky at the moment. It makes me happy. I love clouds.

 Thanks for reading! Have a Great bank holiday weekend britain, and an equally great weekend everywhere else :)
Tee x