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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Working Autumn

So the Cheltenham Literature Festival Small press fair was a success. Surrounded by the Illustration awards it was a great place to be.

Andrew Morrison's Techne 2 was also launched that weekend. Here is my 3 colour screen print 'NOT QUITE' that was part of the lovely all handmade, letterpresses, risographed, screen printed book.

I also want to mention a new venture into book making i am taking with Iselle Maddocks.
Opposite the Alley. We are making our first book this month to be launched next month. It's a red and black Risographed book called 'FIRST'. And it's all very exciting with some wonderful people in it.

More to come on it later. But for now, here are our riso posters combining both our illustration work.
We were very pleased with the outcome and can't wait to do get started on the book now.

Thanks for reading!

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