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Friday 1 June 2012

June is Here!

So the month of june is here. Its the month where i want to get my comic, 4AM finished and printed...maybe. Which is scary since a few weeks ago i did a revised version of the pages left to do and a proper count up of the book and it came to exactly 100 pages. Which would be neat if it wasn't so daunting! It's 50 double spreads including all the end papers and title pages. I have been saying 40 all this time!
But it's going...okay....just can't wait for it to be done. Will be such an achievement!

Anyway, last week saw the final year show at my uni. The private view was on the friday and it was a really great night! I took some pictures during the week of the illustration exhibition. I think it looks really good considering it's our first year in this space. Our tutors worked really hard to get what is actually our desk covered studio space looking like this. I painted some of the boards and helped hang some things! but yeah...
The picture on the left below is my space :)

At the moment i'm looking into printing and framing for the painting below. It's for an exhibition happening in Israel (yeah exciting!) that me, 2 other students and my tutor (who got us into it) are taking part in with the theme 'Regular'. I'll write a bit more about it next time, but this is my entry entitled 'Hidden'.
June is also the month in which at the end of it i have to be out of my uni house. I'm going to miss 71, it's been a mad adventure with some classic moments :) This is a picture of our coffee table that i had to take. The sight made me laugh a lot as i was greeted by it in the morning. I think it sums our house up quite well...

Lots of doodling of characters has taken place lately. I want to tell more stories with them.

 I also saw the new Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom on wednesday. I really enjoyed it and want to see it again! So pretty and lovely. I love his characters.

Both my laptop and external monitor have pictures i took of the sky at the moment. It makes me happy. I love clouds.

 Thanks for reading! Have a Great bank holiday weekend britain, and an equally great weekend everywhere else :)
Tee x


  1. Arhhh! June is such a weird month. So many changes! :) Everything looks so exciting - especially the comic! I just can't wait to see the finished result!!
    I know too well how hard, but also exciting, it is to be working on a comic for a long time. It's such an emotional rollercoaster! I hope your ride will end well :)

    1. yep yep! Thank you! I can't wait either! hahah
      You're right, it defiantly is. I don't either remember the point where i realised it was such a big project!
      Thank you!!!