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Thursday 17 May 2012

Exhibitions and Stickers!

So these last few weeks i've been finishing off the last few things for my university degree. It's just the degree show now to go! Scary but i'm kind of looking forward to seeing what the next stage of life brings.
The show is next friday and we've been working to transform out studio space into a lovely clean white gallery space. It's looking pretty good!

Anyway it seems it's all been about displaying work lately. The show i mentioned previously at my favourite pub was a great night.

And then the next week i was in my local Waterstones, the Costa section, with my dad, putting up more work that's going to be up there for a month! So that's really exciting!

On another note, The Whatnot Tree goes to MCM EXPO in london on the 25th of May (so not this weekend, but next). We have a table in the trader's bit and in the artist's alley this time so that's going to be cool. 
I was hoping to have my comic, 4AM, ready and printed in time for it. But it's become apparent recently that it's not going to be which is really disappointing, but i've always said i'm not going to rush it. It will hopefully be done in time for the middle of june now. It's hit so many problems and has taken so much longer than expected. But it is still on track and i can't wait to hold a finished copy in my hands. I've worked so hard on it, i've never attempted something this big.

HOWEVER i do have stickers. Barry and Terry! And they will be on the stand in the artist alley at MCM so that's something! But if you want them now you can! Here in my esty shop.

So yeah, all in all busy, very busy, but good mainly.
Here's a nice picture i took of a tree from one of the many times i've been in the park recently :)

Thanks for reading!

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