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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Ink and Paper!


Life is somewhat calming and getting back to normal this week. We finally have sorted out internet for our house after over a month of sitting in coffee shops and pubs with my mac. So i'm back on the web properly now!
The last few days i've been working on my submission for the new Ink and Paper. It's coming along well i think. I'm excited to see it in november! Here is a sneak preview of one of the 4 pages to my piece. It's about different people's perception on situations. Based on a short looping story plan i storyboarded roughly last year. I have yet had the chance to do something with it, so it's nice to finally have a place for it.

Below is a flyer for the exhibition in Israel that my piece 'Hidden' is in. It's starting in September! It's really exciting to see the flyers, it's a shame i won't be able to see the actual show.
The flyers are all in hebrew apart from our names, who are me, Catell Ronca and Agata Duda which i find quite amusing.

The image to the right is from 4AM. I have to get a move on with it's completion! I need to get it printed in time for the end of October. When i will be launching it at MCM EXPO in london with any luck! 
So just a short update!
Have a good week guys,

Emma x

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