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Sunday 15 August 2010

Sketchs, a Cassowary, and a Lilly.

bit of a random mix today!
I have a few sketchs to upload from various trip i've gone on with friends recently to share.
I hope to upload some more craft stuff up soon and hopefully some more WIP shots as well. It feels like i'm sat on top of a giant to do list!

Kensington Gardens, London. 

Hyde Park, London.

You can see more of my sketchs from trips including Cardiff and the 2000 Trees Festival at the illustration blog i contribute too over at 
sea-in-a-sieve. Along with some other awesome people's work :)

Well... and here's a peek at some late night, paint chucking around, animal pictures...

I'll be putting the finished things up in my gallery on Deviant shorttty :)

and finally, here's the beautiful lilly that i rescued from my mum's clutches as it headed with it's dead companions to the bin outside. It currently adds a touch of class to my desk....if only to be brought back down slightly by the fact it sits in an Appletiser bottle :p Classy :D

Thanks for reading :)

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