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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Half Complete!

Well my summer is drawing to an end (i've had months, and months off from uni) and to be honest i'm really looking forward to starting up just to have more purpose again! I've had a brilliant summer, but these last few weeks haven't felt like the summer anymore, just like i'm waiting around to go back to uni!

That said, here's a sketch of Bowl before i added the watercolours... I really tried not to shade to much cause that makes watercolour-ing on top more difficult (yes i'm too lazy to sketch and paint on two different pieces of paper at the moment :P).

here's something i was just messing around with to colour on the computer but now can't be bothered. I was trying to draw them in a slightly more 'cartoony' style. I kinda liked how Charlotte (girl on the left) turned out so might get round to turning her into a traditional painting.

Okays, that's it for now!
Thanks for reading!

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