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Sunday 26 June 2011

York Art Jams


Just got back yesterday evening from a week spent up in lovely York with my lovely friend who goes to university there. Great week of creativeness and random moving out shopping (I own a red frying pan now! ♥) I didn't do much sketching but the exciting news is there is now a craft shop in the famous York Shambles selling my stuff! My friend told the shop owners about me so i took along a much as i could fit in my suitcase, which wasn't very much! The owners were so friendly and bought some stock off me to sell on. It was really surprising and unexpected.
The great thing is they seem keen for more and i'm getting on to sorting out more stock as soon as i can. It's really exciting and brilliant to be selling in such a pretty and well visited location!

Have a look!...

And here are some of the sketchs i managed, from York Campus and also of Leeds Campus which we visited on the saturday before coming home...

 And two of the quick drawings i did while i was there...

Okay Dokie!
I'm off to tidy away the items from my suitcase and make some CRAFTS!


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