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Tuesday 14 February 2012

4AM Promo.

A little promo piece for my biggest project yet i'm currently in the middle of. My 40 page comic 4am.
Featuring the characters in the comic, all of which are pre-existing ones of mine.

I'm going to the printer's on friday to feel some paper. I want it to be a really nice object in it's own right. So it's gonna need some really nice paper.
The story is essentially about change and it's kind of got a weird and surreal element to it. It takes place over about half an hour with 6 character's in groups of 2. They don't intertwine, the connection is it's all happening at the same time. Oh! and it's wordless.


  1. Em this is looking amazing! I can't wait till it comes out :)

    1. Ah! thanks Alice! eheh i hope i turns out's kind of touch and go at the mo (like any project i guess) :D

  2. I'm SO glad I found this blog and you. Damn, you are one inspiring girl!!