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Monday 28 March 2011

Badges and Birds!


I have a few new creations of mine to introduce to you :D

Firstly Tee Birds! like some other birds charms i made but BIGGER! and with a hand printed tag each. So obviously BETTER! here here...

I'm selling them at £3 each :)

Next-ly...BADGES! fun badge times :D

I also put them into to sets and sell them like that...I've sold the turquoise and the dark blue sets already on a craft stall, so it's going good :) I have plans to make more!

To finish, here is a pic i just thought was quite nice of how i like to work if i run out of room on my desk (this happens often!)...

...and my bottle collection hahah, there's something classy about a fake flower in a cider bottle don't you think? heh. I just like the brilliantly lovely colours they make when the sun shines through them :)

have a nice day,

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