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Sunday 3 April 2011

Lobbies, Owls and Terry


I have just put some new handmade bits and bobs up in my shop that you might like to see :D

These little Owly fellers....

See them in the TEE SHOP
 Two more Lobbies, including Mr Orange as seen below....

See the Lobbies in the TEE SHOP

Wonky Rabbit in the TEE SHOP!!
Even previously mentioned Wonky Rabbit is up on there hehehe.

Illustration wise, i have be working on my lastet project this last week. It's called 'Terry' and it's about a cat called....Terry. Here are some concept sketchs i did of the meanie....

anyway, that's all. I have done nothing i should have been doing today.... so now i need to start all that.

thanks for reading!

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