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Thursday 28 July 2011

Bookmarks and the long time coming line up...

Woooo what a busy few weeks!
2000 Trees Festival was amazing as usual. Such a good break having nothing to worry about doing but listen to music and drink cider from half 9 AM in a field :D (Also nothing like passing out in a tent at the end. Whoops!)
Lots of lovely new music discovered and now the post festival blues are gone it's back. To. Work. Or rather start it!
Anyways i'm here with bookmarks i made from some drawings of mine a while ago, and i'm rather proud of them! i think i did a good job on the packaging. It was fun to do!
Take a look....

They are for sale for £1.50 plus shipping (free UK shipping). Drop me a line if you are interested!

Another thing i've finally got round to doing is starting this so called epic lineup of characters of mine...
It's gonna take FOREVER because i've decided i'm not gonna settle for 'meh, that'll do'. This is it. It's the real deal and i'm gonna frame it about my desk when i'm done. hahahahah.

I've also written (badly at the mo) proper bio's for each character that i will be releasing with it. (it's not a major achievement, i actually wrote it for a friend but i have realised it's quite useful) Since my final major project next uni year is gonna centre round these guys i figured it was about time i hauled it all together! Here is the sketch, before colour, of Pip (please ignore the fact she has no iris' or pupils yet, spooky, i know)...
I also did this quick test of Alex (it's not for the line up). To test traditional colouring vs simple colours applied in Photoshop.


Comments on this are appreciated! Ignoring the background colour which do do you guys prefer?
I think both have their plus'/minus' :)

Thanks for reading!

I'll be back soon with sketchs from the wildlife park i went to with 'Whatnot' friends today :D


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  1. Have you got any extras of the bookmarks? I would REALLY like one with the fox <3