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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Summer Dreaming

Hi! It's been a busy week or so! What with craft fairs and me getting my new houses keys yesterday so i'm a tad excited. I'm also am off to a field this weekend for the local and spectacular 2000 Trees Festival! It's gonna be ace!
That aside, In my last post i mentioned a picnic me and my sis went i thought id upload some of the sketchs i did. It was really lovely. I'm such a country bumpkin me :)

And such a lovely location and nice walk 10 minutes from our house...

I also took a pic yesterday of the crops down the lane next to our home where we walk our dogs. They really have gone such a beautiful colour i really wanted to capture it. I'm thinking of doing a picture with the colour scheme! haha.

And continuing along the country life theme, have a look at how my veg plot is doing :) Beetroots in no time!

Anyway, sorry for all the country side stuff! I'll be back with a bit on how the craft fair went and drawings!


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