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Monday 8 August 2011

There are birds on that Lampshade...

Hi Hi,

My uni summer work is going slightly wrong and it's loosing direction a bit. So i've turned to other creative outputs for a while hah...
Introducing the bird lamp!
I've wanted a standing lamp for aggggges but they are expensive! Anyway i found a lampshade in the sale part of a home store for a fiver and got the actual lamp part off my grandma (she had it in her attic).

But it needed decoration ;D

Here it is plain and simple. I added the blanket stitch and beads round the bottom myself...

It's quite fun sewing onto something you don't usually get to!

And then taarRR DARR...

In other news! The lettuce in my veg plot is ready and looking finnnneee. There are also some courgettes coming through AT LAST ahh hah!

Bye for now :)


  1. i was thinking about courgettes whilst i tried to sleep last night....


    grate courgette, lemon zest and add pine nuts into cooked linguine and heat through.


  2. Very beautiful lamp!
    I love the birds!