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Saturday 13 August 2011

I Drew A Lot of Birds.

Went on a little drawing trip to the Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers in Oxford this week with friends from uni.

Here are some of the quick sketchs i did mainly with my lovely waterproof needle point pen, water soluble pencils and water brush. :D

 I seemed to draw a lot of birds considering the wide variety of things they have there!

I found it weirdly strange to be drawing from objects it front of me again, after spending about a week the days before running round in my imagination. I've been working on sorting my major project out that will take me to the end of my degree this coming june. I don't want to jinx may be starting to materialise....
One of the things i'm doing is filling a sketchbook entirely with the basic starting points/ narrative/ themes of some 'Stories to Tell'. It's pretty fun and i'm trying not to get too precious/ self conscious/ picky about it since i think that's when the best ideas form :)
I cut and pasted a few of my favourite examples of some cells to show what the whole book will look like eventually!...

Here is an angry Fish to end...

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.
 TEE x


  1. I really like the drawings you did of animals!!

  2. Thank you very much! :)
    It's so hard to notice comments on blogger, i don't even know if you will see this!