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Monday 3 October 2011

I Return!


I'm so sorry i haven't blogged in ages! It's been a busy few weeks what with finally moving out and starting the final year of my illustration course. I'm all settled in properly now and one of the best things is our house is right opposite the campus! So i go back for stuff easily if i want and can make my lunch at home then carry it across to the studio! I do get some strange looks when i have my cup of tea with a bowl of chop sticks and noodles XD
Anyway here are some of the sketchs i did on our last drawing day trip at the end of the summer...
So it's back to uni and lots and lots of work. My dad, owning a joinery and being brilliant, found a piece of glass a skip and made me a fancy new light box, here's a pic of my new uni desk space and the light box...
 I was doing the layers for a screen print i then did the next day, from a drawing i did a while back.
This one :) of you wanted to see the original. Below is a scan of one of the finished screen prints. I think they turned out nicely really. I'm going to put the design onto tote bags (when they arrive!) to sell at London's EXPO.
And finally, with the return of uni classes brings the pressure to do lots more for my final project with my characters. I'm working on roughs, concepts and storyboards at the mo :D....

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is okay!
Have a great week :D

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