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Monday 21 November 2011

Hectic November

It's been such a busy month! I had loads to do and it all pretty much fell on different days so it meant i could indeed do everything...which was good....but so tiring! I now refer to my sleeping bag as 'ham' because of how it looked when i tired it all up with wool in a tight roll!
Seems i spent a great deal of it travelling! London twice, bath, leeds....
Lots of conventions i was a part of too. I makes me laugh how many times i saw the same people at them! It was funny talking to people and being oh okay, so now we're in leeds....
A very fun month though, meet lots of brilliant people and got lots of cool stuff as well as getting to sell some of my own.
First up was MCM EXPO in london, my collective...The Whatnot Tree...went. SO. MANY.MY LITTLE PONIES.
 Then i went to man my university's the Pittville Press stand at Comica's Comiket also in London the next weekend...
 Then it was time for my personal favourite with The Whatnot Tree again, Thought Bubble in Leeds!

Our table there was really good, better than i had expected to get, we had so much space! As well as wall space for our prints, which usually get buried.

Thought bubble was really fun and i got to go to a lot of interesting talks and meet up with good friends as well.

Since last time, this is a sketchblog after all, i've done quite a bit of life drawings at these various events....
And of course the rest of my time has been going on uni projects!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Tee!
    I have to say that - You are AMAZING!
    I am just start my adventure with illustrations and comics, and You really inspire me:)
    Have A great weekend Tee! ;)


    1. Hi Maddie!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      It really made me smile :)
      Good luck on your new adventure!