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Thursday 25 August 2011

Casual Jazz, Pie and Classy Comics.

Hi Hi,

Just a casual blog post mainly about a few days in London with friends last week :) The theme, it was decided, was of casual Jazz and Pie and included pilgrimages. For me my pilgrimage was to the headquarters of the wondrous NoBrow in Hackney. I love what they do and own a lot of their stuff hehe. Basically it's all lovely printed short comic's and prints and stuff if you didn't know. The other main pilgrimage was a mad rampage then across london to find...pie. Not just any old pie, Pieminister Pie! We fell in love with it both years we were at the 2000 Trees Festival where they have a stand each year, so we wanted to find the actual shop. It was on the Southbank by the Thames and it was lovely :)
We then stayed on the Southbank, but down by the Eye for a few hours watching the street performers and i did some sketchs...

The casual Jazz i mentioned was due to the exhibition was went to on the first night, at the portrait gallery. It was open till 9PM for 'the late shift' and it was too cool for school with jazz and champagne. The exhibition was the BP Portrait Award 2011 and was absolutely brilliant! I really recommend it if your about the place! Crazy skills on display!

Anywho, here's my sketch before the lines and colour of my most recent drawing up on DeviantArt...
Ickle Alex and Terry. You can see it finished HERE!

...An update on my veg plot... OH MY GOD COURGETTES!!

and my favourite thumbnail from the story i've just finished doing the rough storyboard for...
But i have to go re-join the real world now... I'm earning real money these next three days (dear god), working the Tall Ships festival in Gloucester. Yay money. Hope the sun stays out!
See ya Folks!

TEE xxx

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